Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Florida Gators....

Flash is showing he's a Florida Gator...right before he turns into Frankenstein.

Check his orange and blue eyes out..then they turn to green and purple.

Friday, October 30, 2015

To New Beginnings...

I am starting a new beginning. Something completely different from anything I've ever done before and yet I've never been more excited for a career in my life as I am with yhis amazing opportunity.

Mid November, I will become an Ophthalmic Assistant!! I have been studying and am actually enjoying what I am reading and learning. I'm finding it very facinating.

Not only do I get to work with a reputable company and Ophthalmologist that has been in business for Over 40 years, I will be learning and bettering myself for my family.. Who I will now be home with and get to actually be Mom again.

Here are some pictures of what my future holds... And some of my handsome critters dressed for "Mush-mash" day.. 

Uveitis...inflammation of the uvea

Scrubs shopping

Monday, October 19, 2015

New Addition

Ok, I'm going to attempt this catching up business once again. With that said, it's going to take me some time. But meanwhile I will move forward with our most recent.

On Friday, we adopted a new addition to our family. I wont lie, he needs some work, but nonetheless we all do. And I think he is a great addition and worth working for. wait... Flash.. Yeah Flash is his final name as Kyler said he's a Super Hero

His name was Mahony but we weren't a fan.

I didn't like his name, but fell in LOVE with him immediately.


The boys loved him too.  Kyler ended up naming him Flash.
A momma and her big boy for some snuggle time

The boys and I getting ready for Hunsader Farms 2015


Momma's boy... all three

Kolton driving the go kart

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

My Star Student

I picked the boys up from daycare / school today. When I got there, Kolton was playing with his buddy and having a great time. He was all smiles.

We walked into Kyler's classroom to get him and he was SO excited. He came running over to me asking me for his toy. Of course I was puzzled not knowing. Then his teacher came over to tell me how proud she was of him. She had asked the kids to sit down and get ready to do an activity and throughout the day everything she had asked the kids to do, Kyler was Spot On doing it.  She said he was Star Student and therefore he got to pick a toy out of the treasure chest.

Well they didn't open the toy and the teacher put it in his box. So when I picked him up, he was excited for me to open it right then and there.  When I opened the package, it was a "doll" from McDonald's Happy Meal.  A little boy came over and was saying 'he got a girl toy'. Kyler without skipping a beat, looks a me all proud and says 'it's ok Mommy, I can brush her hair so I can do yours'.  One.Proud.Mommy!!!

My Star Student with his Very Happy Star Smile!

And tonight, Kolton cut his 7th tooth through! Number 8 isn't far behind.
Don't you just LOVE these chubby meatloaf stuffed cheeks?!

I am SO proud of both my boys!  I LOVE YOU!!!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Grandaddy of "Em All..

Let's get our rodeo on!!

We first headed to parade to see all of the lights and sirens of the police cars, firetrucks and ambulances. But turns out, Kyler was Much more interested in the horses and Polaris'. He's a true boy! Love it.  We met up with Grandma Great and watched the parade with her.

Then we headed over to the rodeo and saw Gramma before heading out to the VIP tent where we watched the shoot out.  Kowboy Kyler had his pistols out and was taking over as Sheriff. He loved watching their skit.  When the Muttin' Bustin' came out, he told me he wanted to ride a sheep. So next rodeo, I'll be sure to sign him up!

The Gator Boys showed up and wrestled an alligator. Kyler was SO excited to see them since we watch them on TV. And since it was an alligator.

His Favorite part was when the horses and bulls came out bucking and the cowboys were riding them. He sadly fell asleep during the calf scramble or I would have put him out there in it.
One Very Excited Cowboy!!

 My handsome lil cowboy on our way to the parade and rodeo:
 So excited waiting for the parade to start:
 There's a new Sheriff in town... and he doesn't play. Two pistols and a shot gun.
 Hold em up boyz...I'm taking over!
Me and my big cowboy:
 Me and my lil cowboy:
 He's holding me up for some baby lobbin time:
The Gator Boys... LOVE THEM!  (miss Paul though)
That gator's fixing to get him some toes!
 He didn't even take a sip of his bottle, just wanted to hold it and he was out!
 I love that he is not letting go of his pistol no matter how hard asleep he is:
 He has the Perfect stance and grip:
 I LOVE these two!!
 Kolton just learned to drink from a straw:
There's a Kyler in there somewhere..what he thinks of the time change:

What Kolton thinks of the time change:


 Such a happy boy

Poor Baby Boy doesn't feel good. Stomach virus and cutting teeth

Brudder Time

Kyler's being "Uncle Tim" in the army

Love their smiles..they love wrestling!!

Helping Mommy get ready for a yard sale

Giving big brother kisses:

That's my boys..inside a fire truck!

How is this comfortable?:

Tearing up a taco!

Watching Daddy shave:

So happy he has big brothers truck:

that's my boy, loves peanut butter